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Victoria Beckham Goes on a Krispy Kreme Run and More Celebrity News

Victoria Beckham Goes on a Krispy Kreme Run and More Celebrity News

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The posh star took her son to grab a sweet treat, and other stars have been just as busy this summer

See where your favorite stars have been spotted this week…

Restaurant Buzz

Renée Zellweger and boyfriend Doyle Bramhall II were seen leaving Peet's Coffee & Tea in Los Angeles. [US Weekly].

Channing Tatum dined at restaurant Prime 112 Steakhouse in Miami with friends while promoting his new movie, White House Down. [The Daily Meal]

Seen & Heard

Sarah Jessica Parker, husband Matthew Broderick, and son James showed their support for sweets at the premiere of the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at London’s Theatre Royal. [People]

Lena Dunham ate breakfast in New York City while shooting a scene for the third season of her hit show, Girls. [People]

Victoria Beckham took her son Romeo out in London to get a Krispy Kreme donut. [US Weekly]

Jamie Chung sipped SKYY vodka cocktails while sporting an American flag-clad bikini in Beverly Hills, Calif. [US Weekly]

AnnaLynne McCord carried groceries on her bike in Los Angeles. [US Weekly]

Robert Pattinson served tacos to guests during a Great Gatsby-themed party he hosted at his home in Los Angeles. [The Daily Meal]

Model Paloma Elsesser’s Guide to Glowing Skin

“I really enjoy looking shiny,” says model Paloma Elsesser. In the middle of fashion month, the Pat McGrath muse takes a break to give Vogue a step-by-step guide on how she gets her skin to glow “like a Krispy Kreme” donut—and, yes, that’s a very good thing.

Filmed at the Standard

I'm going to do some beauty moments.

So I just cleansed my face.

I got some Biologique Recherche P50 V.

I'm going dab right from the neck.

It literally smells like garbage juice.

I do put it on my ears just ⟊use

you also want the texture and the color of your ears

and neck to match your face.

La Mer lip balms, dab it on.

And then I bring little ones with me all over the world.

I'm going to take a little mixture.

So I do Dr. Hauschka's Clarifying Day Oil

and I do a drop of, how do you properly pronounce it?

It smells like what it feels like to be chic.

Nice, lovely, it's glowy, it's hydrated.

I've realized it is hard to find my shade,

so I have found a perfect concoction.

It's Armani Luminous Silk in both an eight and an 8.5.

Half and half, I'm going to paint my face from the neck.

Some nice little paint there in my ears, like I told you.

I'm using a NARS's Cream Concealer in caramel,

I still want my freckles to be present.

I'm going to do some brow work.

I start here and then I kind of put in an arch.

Then that looks crazy so I brush the pigment

It's clear Anastasia Brow Gel:

it's not cakey it's not flakey

Don't have anything that rhymes with that

but that's going to work for today: brows.

I'm obsessed with this Tom Ford

Illuminate and Shade contour kit, which

has been incredibly lived in.

Go for this Dior Show, iconic over curl.

I just kind of just, one, two.

Very iconic and very lived in is

I really enjoy looking shiny.

Glazed, as we like to call it.

Krispy Kreme Glaze, Dunkin' Donuts.

Featuring : Paloma Elsesser

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Victoria Beckham Goes on a Krispy Kreme Run and More Celebrity News - Recipes

Victoria Beckham’s business has had cash flow problems for years. In 2016, David Beckham bailed out Victoria’s business with some kind of loan for £5 million. She’s still lost millions of dollars/Euros because – in my opinion – she’s massively over-extended and she’s failed to read the room. While Victoria’s clothing line is popular, she seems to run her business like she’s already a massive brand, a la Ralph Lauren. She also spent the past few years trying to sell a makeup line in the middle of a massively oversaturated branded-beauty moment. Who wants to buy Posh Beckham’s makeup when Rihanna is selling her own popular line, you know? The point is that Victoria’s business has big money problems. But the Beckhams themselves don’t have money problems, because David’s businesses have always been quite successful. Back in 2017-18, the Beckhams were also having major marriage problems and David was basically living full-time in Miami, away from Victoria. Combine all of that, and now we have this story:

David and Victoria Beckham snapped up a $20 million penthouse in Miami because it offers them “utmost privacy”, a property source says – while Victoria’s struggling UK fashion business sought up to $185,000 in emergency British taxpayer funds for her fashion business. The soccer superstar and Spice Girl turned fashion designer just bought the $19.8 million condo in One Thousand Museum, the tower designed by the late famed architect Zaha Hadid in Miami.

Although they are yet to move in, they’re already being slammed for reportedly taking out a $12 million bank loan to buy the 11,000 sq ft property via their firm, Beckham Brand Ltd. as Victoria’s struggling fashion business sought up to $185,000 in British taxpayer funds amid the pandemic to place 30 staff members on furlough for two months.

Following the heightened criticism, the company confirmed on May 1 that they were no longer seeking taxpayer assistance. But despite this, the Beckhams still proceeded with their luxe US Miami bolthole with their own private elevator and a wrap-around terrace.

The source told Page Six: “The building is very special, it’s one of a kind. It’s like owning a piece of art. It’s a very special penthouse, you get a 360 degree of Miami from sunrise to sunset.”

The Beckhams plan to spend more time in Florida following the launch of David’s Inter Miami FC team. Asked why the couple didn’t buy a house, the source said: “The apartment provides more privacy, believe it or not….Here, they can hop into their private elevator and they don’t have to see anyone.”

My radar is pinging. While I don’t doubt that the condo is owned by both Beckhams, methinks it’s probably just another Miami property scooped up by David, since he loves the city and, even more than that, he loves being away from Victoria and their life in London. But yeah, of course it looks awful that Victoria is taking government “handouts” for her business all while purchasing a $20 million condo out of the country.

Krispy Kreme Is Giving Healthcare Workers Unlimited Free Dozens of Donuts Every Monday

In order to show appreciation to the medical community for all of their incredible work during the COVID-19 outbreak, Krispy Kreme is providing healthcare workers with free dozens of donuts every Monday for two months.

The promotion began on Monday, March 30, which was National Doctors’ Day, and will run every Monday through National Nurses Week (May 6-12). Krispy Kreme will provide all healthcare workers with free dozens of Original Glazed Doughnuts. Yes, dozens. All you have to do is show your badge at the drive-thru and clarify how many dozens of donuts you'd like, and you'll get them free of charge.

Krispy Kreme also noted that some shops may have adjusted hours of operation, but most are still operating and offering pick-up, to-go, and sometimes delivery orders. Be sure to check with your local Krispy Kreme before heading over to pick up some delicious donuts.

In addition to this offering for medical workers, on Saturdays Krispy Kreme will also be offering a special free "Be Sweet Dozen" for all customers to take part in. Here's how it works: Simply purchase a dozen or more full-price Original Glazed Donuts, and Krispy Kreme will add in a additional dozen free of charge.

This special dozen will include a special a Smiley Face donut and they will all be securely sealed and bagged individually, along with instructions for contactless drop-off, including social distancing and safety guidelines. It's designed to drop-off to neighbors and loved ones that you might not be able to interact with in person. This offering is available via pick-up, delivery, and drive-thru.

A Group of Krispy Kreme Employees Glazed a Doughnut 25 Times for TikTok Just to See What Would Happen

While we love TikTok for the cooking hacks and recipe tips, there’s a special place in my heart for all the chaotic good that comes out of the app. So goes the story of the Krispy Kreme employee who made a video showing what 25 layers of glaze look like on a doughnut because, let’s be real, we were all wondering.

In the video’s text, TikTok user @JackPaul_Jones explains the thought process behind the whole thing: “Since it was a slow day at work, we decided it was time we experimented. We wanted to find out just how many times we could glaze a doughnut. Our shift manager was skeptical but we told her it needed to be done,” he wrote.

Each clip shows the doughnut getting put under the glaze fountain over and over. It slowly became less recognizable as a doughnut and morphed into one solid, white, sugary mass. “We kept at it for over an hour as it gradually became more terrifying,” he wrote. Ultimately, @JackPaul_Jones and his coworkers glazed the doughnut 25 times, and it became so heavy that it ripped a bag and had to be transported in a dozens box.

And just like that, I’m craving Krispy Kreme. It’s unclear who was lucky enough to bring this monstrosity home or if anyone took a bite of it. If so, I’m praying for that person’s teeth and hope their sugar rush has worn off by now.

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163 People Sick in 43 States From Contact With This, CDC Warns

We've probably all been washing our hands a little extra this past year, but unfortunately not always when it's most necessary. That's according to an advisory this week from the Centers for Disease Control and Protection, who are pointing to one single source as the cause of a massive, nationwide outbreak of Salmonella. This is super important information going into the season of farmers markets and shopping for fresh groceries.If you've been following us, you understand that food poisoning can come from some of the least expected foods (we're linking to a recent list of stories below). Now, just as we reported around Easter to enlighten families about the dangers of putting baby chicks or ducklings inside kids' Easter baskets (don't do it!), the CDC has published an advisory that a nationwide Salmonella outbreak has been linked to outdoor poultry.RELATED: Costco Foods You Should Always Avoid, According To NutritionistsThe outdoor poultry Salmonella incidents have affected 163 people, with a reported 35 hospitalized as of this past Thursday. Those individuals live in the following U.S. states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.North Carolina had the highest incidence rate, with 13 individuals sick, with Iowa, Virginia, and California each having around 10. Important to note is that the CDC states: "These outbreaks may not be limited to the states listed [above]. This is because many people recover without medical care and are not tested for Salmonella."To avoid getting Salmonella from outdoor poultry or their eggs, the CDC recommends individuals wash your hands (and ensure children do the same) after handling backyard poultry, their eggs, or spending time anywhere they live and roam. Among other recommendations (which you should view if you work with these animals), they also advise not to snuggle or nuzzle backyard poultry, however sweet they may be, and refrigerate their eggs immediately.So be sure to pack that hand sanitizer in your farmers market tote this season! And for all consumers, no matter where you shop: If you purchase eggs and discover that one in the carton is cracked, the CDC says you should toss it immediately: "Germs on the shell can more easily enter the egg though a cracked shell." Also be sure to cook eggs and chicken thoroughly, and follow these two steps to sanitize your kitchen, from one of our Eat This, Not That! Medical Board Experts.Get the Eat This, Not That! newsletter for the important stay-healthy tips you need. Also, don't miss important news ahead of the season:Doing This With Pasta May Actually Make It Deadly, Science SaysUsing This Appliance To Cook Beans Can Cause Food Poisoning, Says Science1.6 Million Cases of Beans Are Being Recalled in These 22 States, FDA SaysThe 5 Most Alarming Grocery Store Food Poisoning Risks, Warns the FDA15 Things You Should Only Buy at the Farmer's Market

Instant Ways to Reduce Your Inflammation, According to a Doctor

As an Emergency Department doctor, I know from my own experience that inflammation is a common complaint that brings people to the ER. Inflammation usually causes pain and is the reason that people feel pain from broken bones or even infections. Inflammation is much more concerning than just the nagging pain or discomfort, however as it can lead to very serious medical conditions such as cancers and heart disease. Although you should need to seek medical attention for the cause of the inflammation, knowing how to treat inflammation at home is also important. Here are a few anti-inflammatory tips that could help—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You Had COVID and Didn't Know It. Use Over the Counter Medications (Responsibly)NSAIDs, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are very common medications that are mostly sold over the counter, such as ibuprofen and naproxen. These medications are used to reduce fever and pain due to inflammation by turning off an enzyme, cyclooxygenase or COX, that is needed in the body's inflammatory response.COX is used to create substances that cause inflammation as well as change the normal temperature within the body. Since the COX enzyme is turned off, the products are not made which will keep fever and inflammation from occurring.NSAIDs can be dangerous, however, when not taken appropriately. The COX enzyme is found in the stomach and small intestine and is responsible for much of the lining of these organs. Since NSAIDs turn off the COX enzymes, they can cause the lining of the gastrointestinal system to be reduced which can lead to bleeding in the stomach and small intestine. These medications can also cause kidney injuries in some patients. The COX enzymes are used to form certain substances which keep blood flowing to the kidneys. Turning off the enzymes causes these substances to not be produced, which will reduce blood flow to the kidneys sometimes leading to damage of the kidney cells. RELATED: 9 Everyday Habits That Might Lead to Dementia, Say ExpertsDiscuss Steroids With Your DoctorCorticosteroids, or steroids as they are better known, are compounds that are normally produced within the body by the adrenal gland. All tissues within the body are affected by steroids which can cause a variety of different responses such as increasing blood sugar levels, or increasing the amount of the red blood cells within the body. The anti-inflammatory effects of steroids are also very diverse. For instance, if you suffer a cut on your leg that becomes infected the area can become very inflamed. Inflammation occurs because the blood vessels in the area become leaky which allows for the body's immune cells to migrate to the area. The leaking blood vessels also cause fluid to build up in the area worsening the inflammation. Steroids work by reducing the build-up of the fluid and immune cells thereby reducing the inflammation. They are very helpful to reduce inflammation within the brain and lungs as well and are a common medication given to patients with chronic inflammation such as asthma, as well as rheumatologic conditions. Steroids can be problematic for some patients causing weight gain, elevated blood sugars as well as ulcers in the stomach, and small intestine. In some cases of chronic steroid treatment, the adrenal gland can stop producing its own steroids, which may require life long supplemental steroids. RELATED: Signs You're Getting One of the "Most Deadly" Cancers.Eat These FoodsThe connection between inflammation and chronic diseases is ever increasing. Asthma, cancer, heart disease, Crohn's disease and even diabetes are linked to chronic inflammation. Although medications can be used to treat much of the inflammation that is caused by these conditions, there is increasing evidence that food and lifestyle changes can help minimize the effects of these conditions. Foods that are high in antioxidants can help reduce inflammation. Foods such as:berriesavocadosfishspices (garlic, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper)are known to have anti-inflammatory effects on the body. These foods can help naturally reduce inflammation making medications less necessary. RELATED: The #1 Cause of Heart Attack, According to ScienceAvoid These FoodsSome foods are also known to be moderately pro-inflammatory and may cause worsening of underlying medical conditions:processed meatssugartrans fatsexcess alcoholsome processed carbohydrates can promote inflammation within the body. For any person, consumption of these should be reduced but especially for patients who have a known condition that is affected by inflammation, they should be completely avoided. And to get through life at your healthiest, don't miss: This Supplement Can Raise Your Cancer Risk, Experts Say.

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7 Reasons This Is The Best-Selling Language-Learning App Worldwide

A trip to the dump is one of my great pleasures in life – and I’m not alone

A trip to the dump is one of my great pleasures in life – and I’m not aloneEverything has its place at the dump, no matter how abject or broken. No wonder there were queues when it reopened after lockdown ‘The gruff camaraderie, the clang of rubble against metal’: Richard Godwin, locked and loaded. Photograph: Pål Hansen/The Observer

What The World's Most Successful People Drink Every Morning

Green juice isn't the secret behind these great minds.

Uncovering celebs' daily routines is endlessly fascinating to us, which is why we're always digging into what everyone from supermodels to the U.S. presidents eat in a day. But that got us thinking about what drinks fuel the world's most brilliant minds every morning&mdashis it green juice, a secret smoothie recipe or just buckets of coffee? And if we try it too, will we inch closer to billionaire/world-changer status? It's worth a shot.

This media mogul and philanthropist fuels her morning with a rather zen twist on "caffeination." She told Harper's Bazaar "I mix caffeinated and decaffeinated espresso with milk and a little
hazelnut. As I wait for the brew to froth, I pull out a card from my 365 Gathered Truths box. I read five of them each morning it&rsquos a beautiful way to start the day."

Celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, likes to start his day by blending a smoothie comprised of fresh blueberries with Greek yogurt and black currant juice to go along with his morning cup of tea. That's not to say Flay doesn't enjoy coffee. If anything, he might like the stuff too much. "Once I start drinking it, I drink a lot of it," he told Bon Appétit.

The Duchess of Sussex has been known to drink "a Clean Cleanse vanilla shake blended with frozen Ontario blueberries for breakfast." At least, that was the case before she was a princess eating for two.

As a model, television personality, cookbook author, social media superstar, and mother, Chrissy Teigen has a lot on her plate. When it comes to her cup, however, Teigen only has eyes for vanilla lattes, creamy mochas, and Starbucks' green tea Frappuccino.

Legendary basketball player and broadcaster, Shaq, swats away espresso shots and opts for a glass of orange juice instead. "I live in Florida, so I get the fresh stuff." Not only is O'Neal anti-coffee, he says he's never seen anyone in his family even touch a cup. The 15-time All-Star is the owner of a Krispy Kreme franchise, but it's unclear what, if anything, he's dunking his donuts in.

The actress, activist, and author starts her morning by washing down breakfast with 32 ounces of water. The "Being Mary Jane" star also incorporates tea into her routine, but not in the way you might think. If she wakes up with "puffiness" under her eyes, she'll place cold bags of Lipton to rest on the problem areas.

The Microsoft co-founder, who recently got knocked out of his rank as the wealthiest person in the world by Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, fuels up with an unorthodox beverage each morning &mdash Diet Coke. "Once I'm at the office, I usually open a can of Diet Coke. Over the course of the day I might drink three or four," Gates wrote on his blog.

As a judge and investor on ABC's Shark Tank, Lori Greiner knows where her strengths lie &mdash turning concept products into best-selling items that fly off the shelves is her specialty, but getting up early is not. She goes to bed late and rises around 9 a.m., reaching for her coffee with added Swiss mocha flavoring to start the day.

The former Starbucks CEO starts his day with &mdash what else? &mdash fresh coffee. "I get up between 5 and 5:30, and naturally the first thing I do is make some coffee," Schultz told CNNMoney. What's his go-to brew? Espresso macchiato or one of Starbucks' Indonesian coffees, made in an 8-cup Bodum French press.

It shouldn't surprise you that Joanna Gaines &mdash one half of the power couple behind HGTV's hit show Fixer Upper and their own Magnolia brand &mdash plucks fruit off of her homegrown citrus trees to start the day. Those fresh oranges often get combined with banana, cherries, and lemon in fresh smoothies and juices that her kids love to churn out (and occasionally try to charge her for).

Though Obama took time to grab a cup of coffee with Jerry Seinfeld while in office, he normally won't touch the stuff. Instead of java, the former prez opts for water, green tea, or orange juice . but now that his eight years is up, we hope he's treating himself to some piña coladas on the beach.

J. Crew's creative director wants her morning beverage to taste like dessert. "My favorite thing in the world is coffee ice cream, so I try to get my coffee to taste as close to coffee ice cream as I can," Lyons confessed to Harper's Bazaar. That means one part strong coffee, one part milk, always over ice.

The co-founder and CEO of Tesla Inc. recently made Forbes' list of the world's most powerful people, and apparently with great power comes little time for breakfast. When Musk can't fit a bite to eat into his morning schedule, he'll reach for coffee instead to get through.

While people across the country sweat it out in AM workouts via ClassPass, the service's co-founder and CEO, Payal Kadakia, can be found with a Starbucks Venti citrus green tea in hand. Kadakia is dedicated to starting her day this way, and has been doing so for more than 10 years.

A high-caliber athlete like Venus Williams isn't stopping at Starbucks on the way to work. To put real power behind her racquet, Williams starts the day with an energizing smoothie made from Silk almond milk, banana, protein powder, and avocado.

The co-founder and CEO of Twitter has a strict morning schedule that he sticks to without fail. He wakes up at 5 a.m. to fit in 30 minutes of meditation, a full workout, leaving time to spare to brew his own coffee at home.

Creating hit shows like "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal" isn't all that occupies Shonda Rhimes' time &mdash she's got to get her kids out the door on time each morning, too. That means caffeine has to wait until things quiet down. Once that's done? "I drink a cappuccino, eat breakfast, and figure out what to wear for the day," she tells InStyle.

A few years back, T. Swift's diet consisted of a glass of orange juice with breakfast each morning. As her popularity skyrocketed, and her schedule got crazier, she started resorting to the good stuff. It seems she's developed a habit of sipping Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes on the regular, plus the occasional pumpkin spice latté. She is human, after all.

This blonde bombshell and her hubby, Tom Brady, are all about health and wellness, and her quest for nourishment starts as soon as she gets out of bed in the morning. According to her Instagram posts, she starts the day with a glass of warm water with lemon to hydrate, usually followed by a family favorite &mdash green juice.

Karolina Kurkova has fronted the cover of Vogue and walked many a Victoria's Secret runway, all while eschewing the lifestyle of minimal munching that we often associate with supermodels. She makes sure to wake up with a legit morning meal, downing a smoothie loaded with strawberries, blueberries, bananas, almond butter, coconut milk, and chocolate coconut protein (her son's favorite combination) when she's on the go.

It's no surprise that a global news anchor requires a dose of caffeine before delivering live updates to the world. Katie Couric owns up to being a "big caffeine person," and she swears by her drip coffee machine, complete with milk foamer, which is uses to make hazelnut coffee almost every morning.

Grammy-nominated singer, P!nk, seems to have endless energy &mdash if you've ever seen one of her live performances, you know that she gives them her all. How does she get up and go like that? Coffee and a superfood shake, made with coconut water, avocado, blueberries, and flaxseed oil are to thank.

Even breakfast is chic for Posh Spice &mdash along with a serving of fresh fruit, she drinks green or peppermint tea before downing a double espresso.

In the hectic fashion business, routines can provide a sense of calm. For Michael Kors, that means breakfast is the same year-round. "Every day I have a bialy with a little bit of butter on it, and I don't drink hot liquids at all, but I'm iced tea obsessed," he says. His order? A large iced tea with three Splendas and lemon.

We knew Blake Lively was a chocoholic, but didn't realize that her obsession carries over into the breakfast hours, too. According to the The Huffington Post, the actress wakes up to a mug of hot cocoa on the regular. "I can't start my day without a cup of hot milk chocolate &hellip it's good for my morale," she said. That's one way to have a sweet morning.

Victoria's Secret models may have strict diets, but former Angel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makes sure to fuel up when she gets out of bed each morning. After her daily skin-care routine, she makes coffee, chugs a bottle of water, and blends up a green juice for breakfast. "I'm totally useless without a coffee," she's said.

Despite pushing 50, legendary supermodel, Naomi Campbell, does an impeccable job of holding onto her youthful looks. We're convinced her coffee-free beverage routine has something to do with it. "The first thing I do is have hot water with lemon and probiotics," she told Harper's. "I've never drunk coffee I don't like the smell. If I need it, I will have one cup of green tea."

The young fashion icon steers clear of coffee and sticks to fresh juices instead. His favorites are the Doctor Green Juice and Ginger Fireball from JuicePress.

When the director of fashion partnerships at Instagram gets into the office, she sips on a venti green tea to kick off the day on a calming note, rather than with a jolt of caffeine.

Celebrated French fashion designer, Isabel Marant, picks up a concoction of carrot and ginger at a juice bar on her way in to work, then sips a cup a coffee once in the office. "I have a black coffee &mdash American style, not espresso &hellip it's not very French," she admits.

Posh restaurant chain The Ivy ditches plans to open in Exeter High Street

Posh restaurant chain The Ivy has ditched its plans to open a new restaurant on Exeter High Street - but bosses say they are still &aposinterested in the possibility of opening a branch&apos in the city.

At the beginning of the year The Ivy submitted plans to Exeter City Council to convert Waterstones bookshop into a new restaurant and bar.

However the chain, which had been due to open in autumn 2018, says it has now pulled plans to open the new brasserie.

A spokesperson for the Ivy said: "We are still interested in the possibility of opening in Exeter, but a location has not yet been confirmed."

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In January 2018, Troia (UK) Restaurants submitted an application for a change of use 19-21 Cathedral Yard in Exeter, near the Royal Clarence Hotel, which burnt to the ground last October. The upper floors were planned to become a kitchen and staff rooms.

Access to the restaurant was planned through Cathedral Yard. The Ivy originally planned to use both sides of the building for the restaurant, but this was rejected by Exeter City Council.

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At the time of the planning application a spokesman for The Ivy Collection said: "The Ivy Collection has entered the planning process for a space in Cathedral Yard, to open a brasserie in autumn 2018. The restaurant will feature an all-day dining menu and will be open seven days a week."

Food and drink in Devon

The future of Waterstones remains unclear, and the book shop has not revealed whether they will still go ahead with the closure.

Chilling message for ‘Buffalo Jim’

Somebody familiar with James “Buffalo Jim” Barrier‘s auto shop left a chilling message after an Easter weekend break-in.

Ceiling panels had been kicked down where someone entered and Barrier’s office files had been rifled through. On his desk was a tax document that listed his home address.

“They’re telling me they know where I live,” Barrier told Review-Journal features writer Corey Levitan, who was shown the scene two days later after dropping in to have his car repaired.

A shaken Levitan went home that Wednesday and e-mailed me details of the conversation he had with the colorful wrestling promoter.

I flew to Phoenix the next day for a long weekend and didn’t write another column until Sunday.

“Buff called me on Sunday,” Levitan recalled Tuesday, “and said, ‘Norm didn’t run the piece.’ He seemed to want it to run. He said, ‘I feel like it’s protection.'”

With a family reunion, a wedding and all, the Barrier story escaped my mind. It’s something I’m going to regret for a long time.

Barrier was found dead Sunday at a Motel 6 on Boulder Highway. His four daughters are convinced that Barrier, a man who wasn’t easily intimidated, was murdered.

Barrier called me a few weeks ago, as he often did when he had a hot tip, and left me a message. “Call me, brother. Got a good story for you.”

Levitan believes Barrier was going to fill me in on a reality show he had in the works. “He told me he was working with an NBC producer. The show was going to be based on a campaign for mayor he planned to mount for 2011. He was going to run on an anti-corruption ticket.”

Dethroned Miss Nevada USA 2007 Katie Rees goes on trial today on six misdemeanor charges, including resisting arrest. She was arrested about 3 a.m. on Feb. 6 and charged with assorted traffic violations. One question will be answered upon her arrival: Will she tone down her party-girl image? She showed up for her March 7 hearing in a revealing cocktail dress and high heels in Judge Joe M. Bonaventure‘s courtroom. Her attorney, Michael Cristalli, told reporters at the hearing that he was considering a police brutality lawsuit as a result of a broken tooth Rees suffered in a scuffle during her arrest. …Hugh Hefner‘s eccentric dining habits were on display over the weekend. Hefner, whose routine includes faxing instructions to his restaurants of choice, ordered his usual at Trader Vic’s on Saturday. A regular at Trader Vic’s in Beverly Hills, Hef ordered chop suey, mashed potatoes, a tall glass of milk and a Mai Tai. The Palms, which has an exclusive contract with Coca Cola, had to ship in Pepsi for the Playboy founder. “And it has to be opened in front of him,” said a spy. … “American Idol” judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, along with host Ryan Seacrest, will host Tryst’s two-year anniversary party at the Wynn Las Vegas. The red carpet is scheduled to begin at 11:30 p.m. at Tryst. … Candace Crawford, Miss Missouri USA, is the sister of Chace Crawford, star of the hit TV show “Gossip Girl.” His recent breakup with country music star Carrie Underwood, of “American Idol” fame, made news. She confirmed Monday that they called it quits via text message.

Cruz and Romeo Beckham, the youngest sons of David and Victoria Beckham, jumped on stage during Elton John‘s show (Caesars Palace) and put on a dancing demonstration. Not far from them, also putting on a show, was Pamela Anderson and illusionist Criss Angel, looking like a cozy couple. … Hollywood couple Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, dining Sunday with baseball Hall of Famer Johnny Bench at Koi restaurant (Planet Hollywood Resort).

“The next stop for the Olympic torch is San Francisco. Police there expect huge protests. It’ll be the first time San Francisco’s ever protested against anything flaming.” — Craig Ferguson

Victoria Beckham Goes on a Krispy Kreme Run and More Celebrity News - Recipes

By my count, Victoria Beckham gave three different interviews to three different news organizations yesterday and as far as I can tell, she isn't even promoting anything. I guess all the tabloids missed her and so they all called her at once. To me it seems like she's trying to make up for all that bad publicity she got in the wake of her jeans scandal. I know, I know, who knew you could have a scandal about not selling jeans.

Whenever I start despising Victoria again because I think she is a self important pompous brat, she says something that makes me at least pause for a few seconds before I go back to my original opinion. In one of the interviews, I believe with the Mirror, Posh said, "I'm a terrible actress. Everyone thinks I'm only friends with Tom [Cruise] and Katie [Holmes] to be in a movie but it's not true. I've turned down lots of roles."

She went on to say that she turned down a role in Sex And The City as well because of her lack of acting skills. I love that about her. I really do. I wish more people felt the same way and then we wouldn't have all of these reality stars thinking they can act in films or television and singers and such who think acting is no big deal and look stupid.

As I said previously though she also does make me crazy when she says things like "It's not just celebrities I hang out with though. I've become really good friends with the mums from my sons' school as well." Uh huh. I must have missed all those photos of you and David hanging out in front of the grill at a neighbor's house while David and his new pals kick back and chug some Old Milwaukee while you explain to your new friends how it is you have managed to go five years without stepping foot into a grocery store. I'm sure everyone there will relate to that.

I'm sure the news that you consider some of the moms there as a friend would probably come as a shock to most of them. See, just because you say hi to someone for 5 seconds from behind your three bodyguards doesn't actually make you a friend. When you invite them all over to a pool party and mix in Tom and Katie into the bunch, then I will consider them your friends. Until then, just call them what they are to you. Nameless faces of someone who happens to have a kid who goes to the same school as your kid and who happens to pick up their kid at approximately the same time.

NSPCC lines up stars for charity auction

Children's charity NSPCC is to launch a TV campaign featuring stars including Johnny Vegas, Christian Slater, Gillian Anderson and Bruce Forsyth that aims to get the public to take part in its £10m Dream Auction being run in partnership with eBay.

Director Justin Chadwick, whose credits include BBC dramas Bleak House and Spooks, was hired to make the ads, which each feature a celebrity taking part in the eBay auction.

Charles Dance and Ronnie Corbett also star in the TV commercials, each of which ends asking what the public would bid for in the auction.

The campaign, which has been developed by agency United London, will combine television, press, radio and outdoor ads.

All the lots for auction have been donated and include an invite to David and Victoria Beckham's World Cup football party, a year's free supply of Krispy Kreme donuts, a dinner at the Embassy restaurant in Mayfair, an X-Men 3 London screening for 72 people, a shopping trip with Liz Hurley and a chance to sing with Bryan Adams.

The TV campaign will run for the rest of May - the duration of the auction - and aims to raise £10m to nationally rollout, the NSPCC's interactive website that gives children access to online counselling. The auction forms part of the NSPCC's Fullstop campaign against child abuse.

To enter the public need to go to, developed by London agency Poke, which generated the idea to extend the auction beyond a traditional one-off event.

It is the largest charity auction ever undertaken by eBay UK and the event has been has been handled by the auction site's head of charity, Nick Butt.

The ad campaign, for which nearly all resources were donated, will run on networks including MTV, Channel Five and Sky.

Press ads will appear in newspapers including the Independent, Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail. Radio ads, which will use the voice of a fast-paced auction caller, will run across GCap, Chrysalis and Emap stations.

Outdoor posters will appear in conjunction with Viacom, Clear Channel and Titan among others.

Media was co-ordinated by Mark Jarvis at 7 Stars. The project was orchestrated and overseen by Toby Constantine at Market Evolution.

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