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Put bread

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Portion the chicken in pieces, clean it and season it with pepper and delicate salt, leave it to cool for 1 hour.

Put the pieces of meat through the beaten egg well with a pinch of salt and then add the white flour again through the egg and fry in hot oil over low heat with a lid, turning from time to time from side to side. .Leave on low heat, covered to penetrate better.

They are very good, warm, at least for us, that's how we like them, they can also be served cold for an aperitif

Cook chicken schnitzels in three versions

Preparation time


  • 1 kg boneless chicken breast
  • salt and pepper
  • oil
  • For crust compositions:
  • 3 large eggs
  • salt and pepper
  • 200 gr cornflakes
  • 200 gr flour
  • 200 gr breadcrumbs +50 gr parmesan
  • paprika, optional

Method of preparation

Cauliflower bread

Cauliflower bread & # 8211 an extremely simple recipe, but very tasty and suitable for any time of the day. Cauliflower can be prepared in a lot of ways, in the oven, cauliflower food, cauliflower soufflé, cauliflower stuffed, cauliflower pudding, because the end result is always a delight.

Recipe for cauliflower bread:

Cauliflower bread does not need too much preparation time or many ingredients. They certainly already have the necessary ingredients at home, so we teach you the step-by-step recipe for cauliflower bread. A recipe for a tasty appetizer when you want to impress your guests, but also for a snack at dinner. Here's what to do:

Wash the cauliflower in cold water. Remove the green part. Unwrap in the bunches and leave for about 10-15 minutes in salted water. Boil in boiling salted water for about 5-10 minutes. It is important not to boil too much, because otherwise it will not withstand frying. It drains well.
Beat the eggs and mix well with the flour so that they do not remain lumpy. The composition should be thinner than that for pancakes, so the amount of flour may vary. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Pass the cauliflower through the egg and flour mixture. Fry in hot oil on all sides until golden brown.

When the breaded cauliflower has acquired the color of copper, slightly brown, it means that it is ready. Remove on a paper towel to drain excess oil and serve hot. The breaded cauliflower recipe can be eaten with mashed potatoes, rice with vegetables, potato pancakes or pumpkin pancakes.

Breaded chicken liver

Beat the eggs.

Mix with the flour and season.

Prepare the livers (wash, clean and season).

Each liver is thoroughly soaked in the mixture of eggs and flour and placed in a pan with the oil preheated.

Fry for 3-4 minutes on each side over high heat.

After frying, place on a plate covered with napkins to absorb excess oil.

the livers are kept in milk in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours, follow your steps until flour-egg-breadcrumbs-sesame seeds and then fry. In my opinion, I made the recipe again, the preparation is better.

What do you think about this recipe? Leave us a comment to tell us how it turned out or if you need additional guidance.

It's impossible to resist this incredibly tasty breaded chicken!

Don't like chicken breast because it's dry? Try making breaded chicken according to this recipe and you will be delighted with the result. Breaded chicken breast is prepared extremely quickly, it is crispy on the outside and very tender and juicy on the inside. The chicken prepared in this way immediately disappears from the table. Enjoy it with sauces or a salad of fresh vegetables!


-2 tablespoons flour

-1 tablespoon lemon juice

-50 g of grated cheese (optional)

- mixture of spices & # 8220curry & # 8221


1. Cut the chicken breast into pieces and rub them with salt and spices.

2. Prepare the dough: beat the eggs in a large bowl, season with salt and pepper, add the parsley and lemon juice, mix well. If desired, you can add grated cheese.

3. Carefully incorporate the flour so that it does not remain lumpy.

4. Put the chicken pieces in the dough and let them sit for 30-40 minutes.

5. Place the pieces of meat in a hot pan with oil at a distance from each other so that they do not stick to each other.

6. Fry the chicken on one side for about 10 minutes until it browns and on the other side for about 5 minutes so that it does not dry out.

Homemade bread & # 8211 is an amazing delicacy that competes with any snack served in fast food places!

Breaded chicken is a very fragrant and appetizing snack, which is very popular all over the world. We usually prefer to take packaged chicken nuggets from fast food places. We urge you to prepare this delicious snack at home. We present below two of the simplest recipes, with the help of which you will get a very delicious breaded chicken, which will surely be to everyone's liking. You will no longer want the one in the trade.


-1 teaspoon baking soda


1. Cut the chicken breast into medium-sized strips. Season the meat with salt and sprinkle with baking soda.

2. Sprinkle the meat with lemon juice, then add the starch and mix. Leave the meat at room temperature for 15 minutes.

3. Pass each piece of meat through the flour and fry it in a pan with hot oil until golden brown.



1. Cut the chicken breast into medium-sized pieces.

2. Grate the Parmesan cheese through a small grater. If desired, you can use any other type of cheese.

3. Beat the egg. In a saucepan, mix the flour with the salt and ground black pepper.

4. Pass each piece of meat through the flour, then through the beaten egg and grated cheese.

5. Fry the meat in a pan with hot oil until golden brown. Serve with your favorite sauce.

Backhendl recipe for half breaded chicken

Backhendl recipe for half chicken bread & # 8211 Viennese specialty. In French Viennese fried chicken. Take a whole chicken a small chick of 1000-1300 g & # 8211 and prepare an 18th century Viennese specialty (Backhendl). The specialty has been part of Austrian cuisine for more than three centuries.

Generally, take either half a whole chicken or parts (quarters) of chicken that are made into bread (flour-egg-breadcrumbs) and fried in butter or oil over low heat. Characteristic of Viennese cuisine is the breadcrumbs & # 8211 there are no breadcrumbs without breadcrumbs.

Backhendl recipe for breaded chicken halves can also be made in the boned version of chicken, either the whole chicken or pieces of it (halves or quarters, if the chicken is bigger). Serve either with potato salad, or with potatoes with butter or with butter and parsley.

Bread pudding

Chicken - In gastronomy, it is the name inscribed on the list of dishes for frog leg dishes. Pond chicks are usually found frozen, packed in packages called "lb" briquettes & rdquo, of different weights.

The mentioned cooking time does not include the marinating time.

After thawing, the frog legs are washed well and placed in a large bowl, sprinkled with lemon juice, poured ice on top and put in the refrigerator for 1-3 hours.

In a bowl, mix the milk with the egg yolks and 2 teaspoons of oil. Beat the egg whites until hardened, then mix with the egg yolk and egg mixture.

Remove the frog legs from the refrigerator and sprinkle with a little cayenne pepper, but it is not mandatory.

In a large plate, pour the flour and place at hand.

Pour oil, up to half the pan you will use and heat over medium heat.

Pass the frog's legs through the egg and flour and fry in an oil bath until golden brown. Remove with a whisk, sprinkle with cayenne pepper on paper towels, if using.

It can be served with a sweet or hot sauce. For example, a tomato sauce would be a great idea.

Chicken breast schnitzel

Everyone has their favorite recipe after which they prepare the chicken schnitzel.

Mine is what I am writing to you today, which by marinating chicken breast with onion and lemon, gives a great taste to the dish, which is at the same time juicy and good, not dry. Of course I prepare the schnitzel in the same way and without onion and without sour cream in egg, but this is the version in which I really like the final taste.

  • chicken breast - 2 pieces
  • a red onion the right size
  • juice of half a lemon
  • salt
  • pepper
  • White flour
  • a little corn flour
  • 3 eggs
  • a tablespoon of sour cream (32% fat)
  • & # 8531 teaspoon mustard
  • oil

Preparation Snitel from chicken breast

Cut the chicken breast into finger-sized slices. Don't beat them with a meat hammer, the chicken breast is tender as it is.

Dry it with absorbent wipes.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. I do not put pepper :), you put if you like.

In a bowl, grate the onion on a small grater and mix it with the lemon juice. Pour the mixture over the chicken breast pieces and mix to cover them all.

Cover the bowl with food foil and let it cool for at least two hours.

In another bowl, beat the eggs well with a fork, with a little salt, for a minute.

Add a tablespoon of sour cream and 1/3 teaspoon of mustard. Beat well until the mixture is smooth.

Mix well in a deep bowl white flour with a little salt (be careful how much chicken, it has a little meat and egg) and corn flour.

Heat oil in a pan.

Prepare all the ingredients at hand.

Pass the chicken breast pieces through the flour mixture. Press with your hand to catch well, then with beaten egg and again with flour. Move fast at this stage.

Put them in hot oil over medium heat and fry them on both sides until nicely browned. Turn the schnitzel only after it has browned well.

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For breaded chicken meat:
Chicken meat (thighs, breast, wings)
100g celery
2 carrots
1 onion
4 eggs
5 tablespoons flour
Pepper and salt to taste
Frying oil

For puree:
½ kg of potatoes
150g milk
100g margarine
Salt to taste

Method of preparation:
We take the chicken meat, clean it and wash it and drain it.

We clean the onion, celery and carrots.

Put water in a pot, add vegetables, onions, carrots, celery and meat and cook for 40 minutes.

After the meat is cooked, take it out of the pot and drain it in a strainer.

Meanwhile, prepare the ingredients to make the chicken bread.
Put flour on a plate. In another plate we put eggs, which we beat with a fork and season with salt and pepper.

After the chicken pieces have drained, we give them one by one through the flour and then through the egg, on both sides.

Prepare a frying pan with oil and put the fried chicken pieces in the hot oil. We fry them on both sides and then we take them out on an absorbent napkin to remove the excess oil.

Peel the potatoes, wash, cut into cubes and boil in salted water and cook for about 30 minutes.

After boiling, drain the water, add margarine, salt, milk and grind until a puree is formed.

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