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Burger King’s Chicken Fries Are Back!

Burger King’s Chicken Fries Are Back!

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The popular Burger King chicken fries that were taken off the menu in 2012 are now back due to popular demand

You can breathe a sigh of relief. Your skinny, fry-shaped chicken tenders are safe.

You know that Zac Brown Band song, Chicken-Fried? Yeah, we think they were actually saying, “I like my chicken fries, cold beer on a Friday night,” because it seems like everyone loves the Burger King chicken fries. The popular skinny chicken tenders, or French-fry shaped-chicken, were taken off the Burger King menu in 2012, much to the dismay of fans everywhere. But now they’re back, according to Burger King, due to endless petitions, and social media protests to get chicken fries back on the Burger King menu.

“Our fans have spoken and we had to listen,” said Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer of Burger King. “When you have guests who are this passionate about a product, you have to give them what they want.”

The fries are made with white meat chicken, battered and seasoned with spices, and can be dipped into any number of Burger King’s sauces like ranch, buffalo, or sweet and sour.

Plus if you’re really serious about your chicken fries, you can get celebratory gear on eBay like commemorative hats, mugs, t-shirts, and bumper stickers.

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Burger King brings back chicken fries and launches huge sharing box

Do you ever look at your chips and think: it would be so much better if you were a piece of chicken?

Yeah, we don’t do that either – but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t appreciate a chip in chicken form, and thankfully, now, we can get one.

Burger King’s Chicken Fries are back.

The fan favourite returns today (20 July) as the fast food chain expands its menu as lockdown restrictions are lifted further.

In addition to the tasty classic flavour, those after a fiery kick can get the spicy jalapeño version.

Each fry is made from 100% chicken breast, topped with crispy breading, and is shaped to fit into Burger King’s sauce sachets.

But wait, there is more good news.

The fast food chain has launched a new, huge sharing box of deep-fried goodness.

It is stuffed full of Chicken Fries, Nuggets, Chilli Cheese Bites, Onion Rings – with five of each – along with two dips of your choice.

The dreamy box offer is available at £6.49.

If chicken isn’t your thing, Burger King also released a new burger last month – the Halloumi Bacon Burger – and brought back the Halloumi King.

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‘We’re delighted to be able to bring back another much-loved menu item as we continue to ease out of lockdown with our phased re-opening plan,’ said Katie Evans, marketing director at Burger King UK.

‘What better way to celebrate the gradual return to normality than sharing a box of chicken fries with friends!’

Then again… you could just keep the box for yourself, if you’re feeling greedy.

7 Foods You'll Never See at Burger King Again

You can't mess with classics like the Whopper or chicken fries. But for every iconic menu item at Burger King, there are more failed ideas that didn't stand the test of time. We're not sure why BK thought bacon ice cream was a good idea, but they did.

Some of these discontinued Burger King foods sound great, while others sound like mistakes that should never have happened. If you didn't get to try all of these, you weren't missing out on much. (Except Cini-Minis. Those were the best.)

Burger King’s Chicken Fries Are Back! - Recipes

Fans can rejoice! Burger King's beloved Chicken Fries are back due to popular demand. The French fry-shaped chicken nuggets debuted back in 2005, and even though they amassed a cult following, the fries were discontinued in 2012. Burger King announced the return of the Chicken Fries on Twitter, one post using the exclamatory hashtag #ChickenFriesAreBack and a cartoon image of Chicken Fries being held to the sky by many fans. The caption reads, "Life. Liberty. Chicken Fries."

Burger King has been teasing out the comeback of the popular menu item, and today it's making its official return. According to Business Insider, Chicken Fries will be in restaurants nationwide for a limited time.

Burger King decided to bring back the Chicken Fries after fans created petitions on Facebook and Twitter demanding the return of the Chicken Fry. "Demand for this product is so fanatical that we asked ourselves: Who are we to get in the way of our guests having Chicken Fries?" Eric Hirschhorn, Burger King's chief marketing officer for North America, explained to USA Today. Fans say that the unique shape of the Chicken Fry allows for better dipping than the typical chicken nugget.

This is not the first fast food item to make a reappearance. Wendy's recently made their Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger a permanent fixture on the menu because it had become a fan favorite. Burger King has found success by returning to their more traditional menu items and even boosted sales. The fast food chain brought back the Big King to the delight of fans.

So, will you be grabbing yourself an order of Chicken Fries? One carton costs $2.89.

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Watch out, KFC. Fatburger, the California-based chain that has a branch in Murray Hill, has introduced the Skinnyburger. Like KFC's Double Down chicken sandwich, it uses meat patties instead of buns. It comes with mayo, lettuce, pickle, relish, onion and mustard, and you can add on bacon, egg and cheese. The Protein Burger comes in multiple size, and starts at $4.50 for a small.

Oscar Mayer just turned America's buzziest meat product into jerky. The brand has introduced Bacon Jerky in two flavors: Bourbon Barbecue and Teriyaki Ginger ($5.99). The snack packs 11 grams of protein per serving — that's 25% of the protein you'll need for the day, but it also has 13% of the saturated fat.

Burger King’s Whopper has always been one of my favorite burgers from the big fast food chains. (It can’t carry the shoes of In-N-Out’s wonderful Animal-Style Burger, of course, but good for a chain burger.)

I honestly didn’t try the chicken fries before BK discontinued them, but several people have written, asking for the recipe. One of my friends tells me this one is close. If you make them, please let us know what you think and, if necessary, how we can improve them.

You might want to make these one night with the BK Whopper or the “here-again, gone-again,” Angry Whopper, for an All-BK night the kids will love.

We're All Doomed, But Burger King's Chicken Fries Are Back!

Shit week, huh? But chin up! The weekend's almost here, the cops haven't gotten around to killing every single last one of us yet, and Burger King has brought back Chicken Fries.

This last item is probably the most unambiguously positive—because some people have to work weekends, and the cops are gonna get us all soon enough—but this Chicken Fry situation is a silver cloud top to bottom, a true cause for celebration in these deadly times.

It could be argued that "deadly times" is a bit overwrought for a review of something as safe and satisfying as boneless chicken. Let me explain. I originally wrote "lawless times," but then realized that, in light of the unconscionable shitshow in Missouri, we may in fact be living amid the exact opposite of lawlessness. Maybe now it's all law, all the time, with the catch being that the law changes on the fly to fit the needs of the thugs in charge.

I'm certain you agree with me, but perhaps you're also wondering how this relates to Burger King's curiously gratifying new shape of fried chicken. Many ways. The first and most obvious is the manner in which our constitutionally guaranteed right to free assembly is being systematically disregarded in much the same way the chewing elite overlooks chicken's subtle but invaluable contributions to our well being.

While everyone's busy yelling about how much they love pork (by which they mean bacon and barbecue sauce) and beef (by which, to be fair, they mean beef), chicken is just chugging along providing relatively cheap and low-cholesterol protein to the billions while being dismissed as bland and degraded by some of our very most egregious sauces. Some motherfuckers are so desperate to cover up chicken that they put ranch dressing on pizza .

Chickens are also unfairly derided as faint-hearted the very name of the species has become synonymous with cowardice, which brings to mind that it's time to reconsider our willingness to let white males police society. It's an over-simplification, sure, but it's also not wrong to say that the most pernicious underlying cause for the problems in Ferguson in particular and America in general is that my fellow white men are abject chickenshits. We have the most, which means we have the most to lose, which means we're terrified of everything all the time, which renders us unfit to protect and serve.

You know what's bold? The spice on these friggin' chicken thingies. Maybe a little more salt than is strictly necessary, but that's balanced by quite some bit of black pepper. Sounds simple, I know, but it's really all breaded and fried chicken chunks need to excel. Burger King'll set you up with six different sauces, too, one of which is called Zesty, and the others of which are the usual barbecues and honey mustards, buffalos and whatnot. The woman who served me asked if I wanted ketchup. That's ridiculous. I took my Chicken Fries straight. How you gonna judge the cut of a fry's jib through a slick of sweet-and-sour sauce?

I got nine crayon-sized fries for $3.29. I wouldn't go so far as to call them "crunchy," but they weren't soggy, either. The predominant taste is of salted-and-peppered breading, with strong notes of chicken broth, and it's so much better than this sentence suggests. What I mean is that there's not a ton of actual bird inside these fries you can't really peel the breading back to reveal hunks of intact flesh. The interior is a jumble of mashed-together meat shards and air pockets that somehow manage to strongly suggest the taste of a chicken nugget. In this manner, Chicken Fries resemble BK onion rings: Their structure is not necessarily what it should be, but you forgive that, because their essence is ultimately true to their intent.

Given the opportunity, an order of Burger King Chicken Fries will temporarily solve one of your smallest problems. Good luck out there.

Will Gordon loves life and tolerates dissent. He lives in Cambridge, Mass., and has visited all of the other New England states, including, come to think of it, Vermont. Find him on Twitter @WillGordonAgain .

Visually, the sandwiches were robust and impressive

Each sandwich had bursts of fried chicken exposed 360 degrees around. When I took a peek under the perfectly rounded, fluffy buns, I saw minimal sogging on the regular Ch'King, only slightly more on the spicy sandwich, and the most - which was still only a small percentage of the surface area - on the Ch'King Deluxe. The rest of the fried coating held onto its crunch well after it was delivered and even hours later when I came back to them again for an evening snack.

I also took note that the pickle slices were big enough to cover most of the chicken, which meant that the majority of my bites had pickle in them.

When I took the spicy sandwich out of its paper and foil bag, I saw that the sauce had seeped through the inner layer of parchment wrapping. It was much saucier than the regular sandwich, but not in an overwhelming way.

What’s All The Fuss About?

Let’s take a moment to appreciate why Chicken Fries are such a big deal.

They’re made by breading and frying chicken strips which are coated with a combination of spices and herbs. Since they’re shaped like fries, they’re easy to dip into Burger King’s BBQ, Honey Mustard, Ranch and Sweet and Sour sauces.

The chicken fries are available only in 30 countries across the world if you don’t live in one of them, you can taste what all the fuss was about with this recipe. Have these as a indulgent snack or as an appetizer.

Burger King Chicken Fries are back for good

Love ‘em, or hate ‘em, Burger King’s Chicken Fries are now here to stay.

The chain announced that starting Monday, the fry-shaped chicken fingers will now become a permanent menu item.

"I'm not sure there's anything similar to Chicken Fries with regards to a pop cultural following," Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer of Burger King North America, told USA Today. "The passion for this is like the launch of the iPhone."

The fast food chain has been able to capitalize on Chicken Fries's popularity among Internet-savvy fast food lovers over the past few years. Originally introduced in 2005, Chicken Fries were taken off the permanent menu in 2012 when the chain did a major menu makeover. But after a viral Buzzfeed article about discontinued food items, a Facebook fanpage, and even a petition on—the Whopper chain decided it was time to bring them back.

When they went on sale last August, Burger King says many of its locations sold out of the item.

"After we removed them, the demand started to grow, again. Burger King was even advised that some consumers wrote President Obama asking for his intervention to bring back Chicken Fries,” Hirschorn claims.

Demand may have been at an all time high for these unusually shaped tenders, but as beef prices continue to soar, it makes financial sense for the chain to start pushing chicken-centric menu items.

This go round, the chain is rolling out Chicken Fries in 30 countries—not just the U.S. Burger King is also capitalizing on tech-savvy generations by marketing the item with a Chicken Fries emoji keyboard so fans can full express their love for the nugget-fry hybrid.

A nine-piece of order of Chicken Fries retails for $2.89 and is available with a variety of different sauces like BBQ, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Zesty, Buffalo and Sweet & Sour.

Watch the video: New Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries at Burger King (May 2022).