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Baked apples on foil with cinnamon, quince and orange

Baked apples on foil with cinnamon, quince and orange

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A very simple and very delicious recipe: X

  • 6 apples
  • a quince
  • half an orange
  • sugar
  • cinnamon

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Baked apples on foil with cinnamon, quince and orange:

Wash the apples, wipe and remove the spine.

Place on a plate and fill the hole left by the back with sugar, add a few drops of orange juice, then press cinnamon and place in a tray covered in foil as in the picture, after placing add the quince cut into small pieces and sugar over her

Put in the oven at 200 degrees for about 20-30 minutes depending on how big they are (leave until the pulp softens)

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I used "golden" apples are better :)

ORNELLA MUTI follows this diet and looks 20 years younger!

At the age of 65, the Italian actress Ornella Muti, the great beauty of the years * 70- * 80, looks like at most 45 years old. She is a follower of natural beauty and remains a symbol of beauty and naturalness for fans around the world. How does the actress manage to stay in shape?

Throughout his career he has starred in over 100 films, winning the hearts of millions of people. Ornella Muti has been married three times. During her marriage to plastic surgeon Stefano Piccolo, the actress gave birth to three children: two daughters and a son, and now enjoys three grandchildren.

Although she is already a grandmother, the actress does not betray her real age. She manages to look amazing because of her lifestyle. The actress regularly exercises, does not consume alcohol, and her diet includes a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially celery.

Discover the most romantic fruit of autumn in 3 recipes flavored with quince

The Romans offered them to their lovers in antiquity as a sign of faith and devotion, and the ancient Greeks said that they were a gift of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Far from these old beliefs, modern chefs have reinvented them in pleasant recipes to share with loved ones.

Quince is one of the few fruits that tastes better when cooked than raw. Held over low heat and dressed in selected spices, quinces reveal their sweet aroma, close to apples and the grainy texture of pears. They are perfect in combination with vanilla, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and lemon. In European cuisines you will find them in tart recipes and fragrant cakes, while in oriental cuisines they are added in meat stew recipes. We offer you 3 recipes to pamper yourself with in the cold autumn days.

Tasty appetizer: polenta discs with quince topping

In Romanian, you will serve polenta. But not with cheese and sour cream, but with a tasty mixture of quince and cheese with mold.

  • 230ml apple juice (freshly squeezed)
  • 230ml wine from Porto
  • 50g old
  • 1 rosemary twig
  • 1 large quince cleaned and chopped into small cubes
  • 500g hard polenta from which to form 14 discs 2 cm in diameter
  • & frac12 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 60g cheese with crushed mold

Apple juice, wine, sugar and rosemary sprigs are boiled in a pot over medium heat. When it starts to boil, add the chopped quince and reduce the heat. Bring to the boil for 45 minutes until the quince softens, then set aside and allow to cool to room temperature.

Strain the mulled wine, separate the quince pieces and discard the rosemary. Put the liquid back in the pot and leave it on the fire for 10 minutes until it is reduced by half. Keep it warm.

Put the polenta discs on baking paper in a tray and put them in the oven, seasoned with enough pepper to heat and brown lightly on both sides. Now place a tablespoon of chopped quince and a teaspoon of crushed cheese on each disc and put them in the oven until the cheese melts. Sprinkle with wine reduction before serving.

Baked quince

The simplest method is to cut it in half and bake the quinces like an apple. But you also have the option to boil them first.

  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 500ml water
  • 4 cloves
  • 2 pieces star anise
  • 4 small quinces
  • & frac12 lemon
  • 4 tablespoons maple syrup

Boil the water with the sugar until it boils. Add cloves and star anise. Clean and cut the quinces in half. Stop them well with the juice of half a lemon to prevent oxidation. Dip the quince halves in the sugar syrup and simmer until softened.

Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180C / gas stage 5. When the quinces are ready, take them out of the sugar syrup and place them in a baking dish. Pour over them 150ml of syrup with star anise and cloves, add the maple syrup. Bake for 30 minutes until soft.

Quince and apple pie

An autumn-scented cake, only good for evenings with family or friends.

  • 270g flour
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • & frac12 teaspoon salt
  • 65g cold butter cut into cubes
  • 60ml cold water
  • & frac12 teaspoon vinegar
  • 4 medium quinces cleaned and cut into spheres
  • 2 brandy tongues
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 medium apples, cleaned, seeds removed and cut into thin slices
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 2 teaspoons sugar

Preheat the oven to 200C / gas stage 6.

Mix flour with sugar and salt. Add the butter (keep 1 teaspoon more) and mix with a mixer or by hand until dough grains similar to rice are formed. Add cold water and vinegar and mix. Put this dough on a plastic food wrap. Wrap and flatten it into a disc, then refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Prepare the filling by mixing quinces, brandy, vanilla and apples in a bowl, adding a tablespoon of flour. When the dough has cooled, spread it on a sheet with a diameter of 30 cm and place it in a pie tray. Place the filling over it and wrap the edges of the dough towards the center of the tray so that it takes a half-covered pie.

Sprinkle 2 teaspoons of sugar and grease with the remaining teaspoon of butter. Bake the pie for 30 minutes until it has a golden crust.

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Baked pies on the slab

I really like home-made pies and I admit that the ones fried in oil attract me more, but I kind of try to reduce the things fried in oil and find the middle way to satisfy my little culinary pleasures. My new one pan of 28 cm from the Regis Stone with a hot stone effect, it helped me a lot with this recipe and it didn't take a drop of oil to have a tasty result. This pan is super and I seem to like it more and more as I experiment with new dishes.

Follow the recipe below and if you like it, share it on the FB page.

For Pbaked blocks on the slab we need

  • 600 gr white flour
  • 1 teaspoon dried yeast
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon coarse salt
  • 350 ml of warm water
  • 6 tablespoons oil
  • For the filling
  • 2 large onions or 4 smaller onions, 1 tablespoon olive oil, salt and pepper
  • other options: a few slices of cheese, ham, etc.

Method of preparation Baked pies on the slab

  • In a cup mix the yeast with the sugar and a teaspoon of flour, add 100 ml of warm water and leave to rise for about 10 & # 8211 15 minutes.
  • We put flour in a bowl and mix it with salt, and in the middle we make a hole in which we pour the leavened yeast. Knead by hand and add the rest of the warm water and finally add the oil. We finish kneading when the dough becomes elastic and no longer sticks to the fingers.
  • Sprinkle a little flour on top of the dough, cover with a towel or food foil and put in a warm place away from drafts for about 1 hour.
  • Meanwhile, sauté the red onion in a hot pan in which I added a little olive oil. Salt and pepper the hardened onions, to taste.

  • We roll each ball of dough through flour and on the work table lined with a little flour we spread as thin as we can in a round shape. Put the hardened onion in half and then bend by pressing with the rolling pin over the folded dough. We do the same with the other pies we want to fill with onions. In others we put slices of cheese and do the same. We can fill them with ham, or ham and cheese or anything else we like. Obviously they are super tasty stuffed with kale & lt3.

    it must be hot when we place the pies in it. Fortunately, because it is a large 28 cm pan, we can put two pies at the same time. We turn the pies from side to side and when they are baked we take them out of the pan on a plate or a basket in which we put a towel.

Frying pan Regis Stone they have some properties that will surely convince you how useful they are in any housewife's kitchen:
• Non-stick coating with hot stone effect
• Scratch resistance - 4 mm thick coating
• Forged aluminum housing
• Superior heat induction
• Stainless steel base
• Uniform heat distribution
• Easy to clean
• Does not require the addition of additional oil / grease
• Rustic finish
• Handle securely fastened - will not twist
• Ideal for use on gas, induction, electric and ceramic hobs

Baking apples

Apples are one of the most popular and cheapest fruits, but if you are tired of eating this fruit in its natural form, why not try cooking it in the oven? Topped apples are not only a very tasty dish, but also a useful nutritious dessert and a fragrant piece of homemade comfort, warming the heat.

Chopped apples can be cooked all year round, without worrying about the figure. Due to the large amount of pectin is a dish has a positive effect on digestion, for a long time retains a feeling of satiety and prevents overeating. Baked apples - this is when the fruits become not only tasty, but also very useful. A large number of vitamins and minerals contained in this dessert make ripe apples one of the most useful delicacies. Baked apples - this is a complete breakfast and an excellent dessert, and beautifully decorated, baked apples can become a real decoration of the festive table.

They ate apples in the oven
Apple apples with honey and pine nuts
Baked apples with honey and berries
Baked apples with sugar and raspberries

A traditional recipe for ripe apples include spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, various additives to choose from, for example, raisins or nuts, and some forms of sweeteners such as sugar or syrup. For ripening, to choose a medium-sized fruit, like Big Apple prepared for too long. For cooking in the oven the most suitable varieties, such as Antonovka, Simirenko, Gala, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Jonathan, Jonagold and McIntosh - have a firm texture, which does not fall apart during ripening and retains the shape of the fruit. If you don't like peeled apples, peel it. However, keep in mind that after baking you can easily remove the peel.

To prepare ripe apples in the form of rolls, initially they must be thoroughly washed, cut and remove the top of the core with a metal spoon or special device. The hole must be at least 3 cm wide. Do not forget to leave the bottom of the apple intact - the thickness of the bottom must be at least 1.5 cm. If you remove the core from the apples, try to cook them immediately to prevent darkening of the meat. possibly, apples can be sprinkled with lemon juice or placed in water mixed with lemon juice in a ratio of 3: 1. In this case, apples should be used within two hours after addition to lemon water.

The hole in the apples must be filled with filling, their variants being extremely diverse and offer the opportunity to experiment. Before baking on top of apples you can put a small piece of butter. When the butter melts and mixes with the sugar, it becomes a kind of sauce. Do not use too much oil - for each apple will be enough 5-8 g. If the recipe requires the addition of water, do not forget to add it. This will prevent the apples from burning and protect them from dryness. In addition, during the cooking process, the water will mix with the juice that separates from the apples, resulting in a kind of sauce.

Apples can be considered ready when their flesh becomes firefly and easily pierced with a knife or fork. Before serving, the apples should stand for a while to cool. Do not try to eat them immediately, as they are very hot. Boiled apples can be served with juice that has remained in shape or on a baking sheet after cooking, with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, jam and various syrups. Place ripe apples in a cool place - preferably in a refrigerator - away from foods with a pronounced odor. Cooked apples are best eaten for 4 days.

There are many different ways to bake apples - about them, we will tell you about. Apples, baked with nuts and raisins, can be a great nutritious breakfast not only for adults but also for children - from such meals will not be able to give even the most demanding eaters.

Boiled apples with nuts and raisins

4 large apples,
50 g of sugar,
1 teaspoon cinnamon,
30 g of nuts,
40 g raisins,
15 g butter,
180 ml of hot water.

Method of preparation:
Preheat the oven to 190 degrees. Cut the tip off the apples and remove the core. In a bowl, mix the sugar and cinnamon and evenly distribute the resulting mixture between the apples. About 1 tablespoon of the mixture should be taken for each apple. Add chopped walnuts and chopped raisins. Put a small piece of butter on top.
Put the apples in a baking dish and pour hot water. This will help prevent the burning of apples at the bottom. Bake apples for 30 to 45 minutes.

Bake the apples not only in the oven, but also in the microwave. The use of a microwave oven can significantly shorten the cooking time of desserts.

Apples cooked in a microwave

2 apples,
10 g butter,
2 tablespoons sugar,
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg,
1 teaspoon cinnamon.

Method of preparation:
Cut the apple tips and remove the core. In a bowl, mix the brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and add the resulting mixture to each apple - about 1 tablespoon in each fruit. Put a piece of butter on top.
Place the apples in a bowl that can be used in a microwave and covered with plastic wrap. It is best to use a bowl with large faces to prevent the juice from leaking. Bake apples, on average, for about 5 minutes. Keep in mind that all microwave ovens are slightly different from each other as apples and different varieties, so apples may be ready a little sooner or later. The preparation of the apples should be checked with a knife or fork - the meat should be very soft. Let the apples cool for a few minutes before serving.

Apples with apples with cranberries in orange sauce - a bright and fragrant dessert that will decorate any festive holiday. This dish is perfect for winter, because the fragrant spices immediately fill your house with the smell of New Year. Such a dessert will be served wonderfully with a tablespoon of vanilla or whipped cream.

Baking apples with cranberries and orange peel

4 medium-sized apples,
2 oranges,
2 cups of blueberries,
50 g of sugar,
20 grams of butter,
1 tablespoon cinnamon,
1 tablespoon ground ginger,
1 cinnamon stick,
5 pieces of cloves,
50 ml of hot water.

Method of preparation:
Remove the peel from an orange. Boil the chopped peel in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes. Drain and set aside. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Cut the top of each apple and extract the core. The apple heads keep.
Put the apples in a baking dish and distribute evenly between the two halves, cranberry half orange peel, juice from an orange, sugar, cinnamon and butter. Close the apples with the tips. Squeeze the juice from the second orange, diluted with water and pour into a mold, adding the remaining cranberries and peel, and a little sugar to taste. Put in the form of a cinnamon stick, cloves and put in the oven for 30-40 minutes. Apples ready to cool for 10 minutes, put on a serving plate and fed with sauce.

A light and delicate ripe apple dessert with oatmeal and dried fruit is a great start to the day or end of the evening. For the filling you can take any dried fruit to taste, for example, plums, dried apricots, raisins, figs, dates or dried cherries.

Apple apples with oatmeal and dried fruit

4 medium-sized apples,
50 g of sugar,
100 g oatmeal,
100 g of dried fruit,
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon,
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg,
pinch of cloves,
15 g butter,
1 glass of hot water.

Method of preparation:
Cut the top of the apples and remove the core, leaving the walls of medium thickness. Mix oatmeal with sugar, crushed nuts and spices and distribute the filling between apples. Put the apples in a baking dish, put a piece of butter over each apple, pour hot water into the mold and cover it with aluminum foil. Bake for 20 minutes, then remove the foil and bake another 20-30 minutes until the apples become soft and begin to separate the juice.

If you wanted something unusual and had no fillings on hand, watch out for our next recipe. Caramel sauce is a classic addition to ripe apples, giving this simple dessert a highlight.

Baked apples with caramel sauce

4 medium-sized apples,
4 tablespoons sugar,
1 cinnamon stick.
For the sauce:
20 grams of butter,
5 tablespoons sugar,
1/4 teaspoon salt,
100 ml thick cream.

Method of preparation:
Make a small groove on the top surface of the apples, but do not completely remove the core. Fill the resulting cavity with sugar (1 tablespoon of sugar per apple) and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake the apples in the oven at 170 degrees for about 35-40 minutes.
To make the sauce, mix the butter, sugar, salt and cream in a saucepan and cook over low heat, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Turn the heat to high and cook the sauce for 2 minutes, then allow to cool to room temperature. Crush the prepared apples with boiled sauce and serve.

You can cook baked apples using any of our recipes or by adding ingredients to your liking. Get inspired and experiment!

Apple peel (jelly)

In autumn we fully enjoy the aroma and flavor of apples. They are found everywhere, they are authentic fruits, they are affordable and we can turn them into a lot of goodies, from pie to jam or jam.

We also offer you an apple peel (or jelly) recipe today. It is very easy to make, does not require much time and is delicious on a slice of fried acorn.

  • 500 g apples
  • 600 ml of water
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 300 g sugar
  • cinnamon
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar

Wash the apples and cut them into 4 or 6 pieces, without peeling them. Put the apples in a pot and add the water, cinnamon and sliced ​​lemon over them. Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes, after boiling.

Strain the juice through a thick sieve and strain the apples. Allow the pulp to pass through a sieve. Add the sugar and the vanilla sugar and bring the mixture to a boil again. It must decrease and thicken sufficiently.

Let it boil for 15-20 minutes, then turn off the heat. Pour the jelly into a tray lined with plastic wrap and leave overnight in a cool place.

Store the pellet over the winter in a pantry or cellar in airtight jars.

You have to see it too.

Roast duck with baked quince on the tray

When you cook a duck you have two possibilities: either you fill yourself with complexes, or with the respect of others. If you notice that this bird has longer wings, short legs and an elongated chest, you are on the right track: you have learned that you do not have a chick in front of you. Quite an important discovery, because the duck doesn't cook much like a hen. Its flesh and aroma are unique and unmistakable. So are the ingredients that make it stand out. Sweet and aromatic ingredients that will make the juicy meat tender.

The duck has a special appetite for fruit. You probably know, at least from hearsay, of joining this flyer with orange juices. I combined it with quince and here's what came out. It is worth trying it with quince, from which, according to the late Radu Anton Roman, only the perfume is eaten. I say you can hope for more.

Preparation time: 20 minutes (cooking) + 6 hours (marinating) + 90 minutes (cooking)


1.Clean the duck from any feathers or tulle, possibly burn it. Clean or remove excess skin from the neck. Stick the 12 cloves in the duck's chest, 6 on each half of the chest.

2.Make a honey marinade, orange marmalade, soy sauce, cognac, the juice of the two oranges and a teaspoon of grated cinnamon and nutmeg. If the smell of marinade reminds you of mulled wine, it means it's good.

3.Pour the marinade over the bird and make sure it reaches everywhere, both inside and outside the duck. Put the duck in the cold for at least 6 hours, turning it a few times so that the marinade penetrates it evenly.

4.Cut the quinces into quarters lengthwise, mix with a little oil and the rest of the cinnamon, nutmeg and a little pepper. Put the duck in the pan and the quinces around it. To flavor the bird, it doesn't hurt to put two quarters of quince in the chest cavity.

5.Sprinkle the duck with the marinade, cover it with a foil & # 8211 so that it is smothered & # 8211 and put it in the oven at 175 degrees for one hour. After an hour, reduce the heat to 150 degrees, remove the foil and let the bird brown for another half an hour, sprinkling it from time to time with the sauce from the pan.

Serve the duck hot, sprinkled with the sauce from the pan, with the quinces cooked as a garnish. For an effect presentation, sprinkle the duck with cognac when you bring it to the table and buckle it. Be sure to light only the duck, not the whole house.

[type] If you don't have orange jam, add two more tablespoons of honey and the peel of an orange. Instead of a whole duck you can use 4 thighs or 4 pieces of duck breast.

Ginger Crinkles (cracked ginger cookies)

We can't wait to share this version with you my collection cookies, namely Ginger Crinkles (cracked, ginger cookies).

Besides Chocolate Crinkles or those with coffee,today I share this recipe.

With the aroma of ginger, the smell of cinnamon, orange, tender and light, these Ginger Crinkles (cracked, ginger cookies) are perfect for any sweet tooth.

I stumbled upon it picture this one with cookies and I knew immediately that I would have to make them too. I chose another recipe, and the result was wonderful.

They are a delight for the taste buds, light and fragrant, perfect with a hot tea.

What can I tell you? If you are a fan of gingerbread and Christmas flavors, don't stop thinking, prepare them for your loved ones and friends! Even for enemies :))) They will be conquered by their aroma!

I invite you to a fragrant portion of cookies!

Preparation time: 20 min (+ waiting time: 2 h / overnight) Nr. servings: 50 Complexity: medium


  • 150 gr butter
  • salt
  • 100 g raw sugar
  • 2 chicken eggs
  • 350 gr wheat flour
  • spices:
  • 1 lgta cinnamon
  • 1/2 lgta cloves + nutmeg
  • 1 lgta ginger ras
  • 1/2 lgta ginger powder
  • 1 orange with untreated peel
  • 1 sachet of baking powder (10 gr)
  • Furthermore:
  • white sugar cough
  • white sugar powder
Method of preparation:

The ingredients must be at room temperature.

In a bowl, put the soft butter, a pinch of salt, sugar and grated orange peel. Foam with a mixer until fluffy. Add one egg, mixing well after each one.

Sift the flour with baking powder, add it over the butter composition. Add the spices (you can dose to taste) and mix until smooth.

The dough obtained must be homogeneous, dense and dark in color. Put in cling film and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. It can be kept until the next day.

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees C. Wallpaper a stove tray with baking paper.

Prepare a bowl with caster sugar and one with powdered sugar.

Remove the dough from the refrigerator. Small balls are formed which are rolled in caster sugar, then powdered sugar.

Bake in the preheated oven for 8-9 minutes. They do not need to be cooked anymore, however they will harden as they temper.

It is stored in metal boxes. They also last 2 weeks if you store them in a dry place.

It is enjoyed with a hot tea. They are very, very fragrant and tasty!


750 ml apple cider vinegar

Method of preparation:

Pour the vinegar into a saucepan, add the sugar, juniper berries, peppercorns and bay leaf and bring to a boil. Meanwhile, clean and slice the quinces and add them to the pickle marinade while on the fire. Let them boil for about 20 minutes, until they soften slightly. Allow the fruits to cool in the juice, then move them into jars and close them tightly.

Home dessert. Prepare 3 simple recipes for children

Candies, cakes, cookies and chocolate & hellip There is no greater happiness in the eyes of a child than the one he has when he knows he will receive something sweet. If you have children, make sweets with them. The satisfaction will be twice as high. And even if you don't have a large family, let yourself be nostalgic and indulge in a dessert for your feet.

We at Foodstroy like homemade sweets. They remind us of family and the Holidays and tempt us when it is harder for us. For those who want to try something other than the classic apple pie or quick tiramisu with biscuits, we propose three recipes to prepare for the little ones. We guarantee good mood for the whole family!

Frozen bananas in chocolate crust

You are afraid that your little ones are eating too many sweets. This dessert also has potassium and antioxidants. You can prepare it for parties or on a Sunday afternoon with the family.

Ingredients (for 4 servings):

  • 2 ripe bananas (but not too soft)
  • 180g finely chopped dark chocolate
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • for decoration: 40g of crushed breakfast cereals / hazelnuts / walnuts / decorative candies Wrap a tray in aluminum foil or parchment paper.

Cut each banana into 2 or 3 pieces (depending on how big it is) and stick a lollipop stick or a stick left over from the ice cream in each of them. Put them on the tray and put them in the freezer for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the chocolate icing. Melt the chocolate with the bain-marie oil for 2 minutes and mix until smooth.

After the bananas have frozen, roll them each in melted chocolate and sprinkle them with one of the ingredients for decoration. Put back in the freezer for 30 minutes until the chocolate hardens.

Rainbow cookies

They are better than the biscuits in the store and much more handsome. In addition, you can prepare them with the children and put them to soak in the colorful candies.

Ingredients (for 22 pieces):

  • 175g soft butter
  • 50g brown sugar
  • 50g old flour
  • 2 yolks
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla extract
  • 300g flour
  • grated peel and juice of 1 orange
  • 140g sugar flour, sifted candies for decoration

Preheat the oven to 200C / gas stage 6. Mix the butter with the two types of sugar (50g brown, 50g flour), the yolks and the vanilla. Use a wooden spoon and mix well until it gets a creamy consistency. Then mix the flour in 2 tranches and the grated orange peel.

Put the little ones to work and make 22 balls of dough the size of a walnut together and place them in a tray on baking paper. Bake the cookies in the oven for 15 minutes until golden. Let them cool.

Meanwhile, mix 140g of flour sugar with orange juice to make a viscous icing. Soak each cookie halfway in the icing and then roll it through the colored candies.

Carrot muffins

You can prepare them the day before and you can put them in the package for school, and if you have any left, you can steal one for your coffee break at work.

  • 70ml vegetable oil
  • 1 or
  • 100g brown sugar
  • 150g grated carrot on a small grater
  • 50g raisins
  • 50g chopped walnuts / hazelnuts
  • 100g flour
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • & frac12 teaspoon baking powder
  • & frac12 teaspoon cinnamon
  • a nutmeg / cardamom powder

Put the raisins soaked in hot water and in the meantime mix the oil with the egg. Add the sugar and continue mixing until it melts. Gradually add the grated and squeezed carrots, squeezed raisins and chopped walnuts, mixing well.

In a bowl, mix the flour with the spices, baking powder and a pinch of salt. Gradually incorporate it into the carrot mixture until you get a fluffy dough.

Place the colored papers in a muffin tray and pour into each composition. Do not cross the line of the paper.

Bake the oven heated to 180C for 40 minutes or until the toothpick test passes. Cool them on a grill and serve them to the little ones with whipped cream or a white chocolate icing.

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