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Christmas fasting is nearing the end and, ask me, you will be very appreciated if you appear on the "market" with a new, original and bestially tasty recipe (I see the eyebrows rising - "original ?! - what else can it be original in the preparation of pork ?! ". And yet ... In addition, it is extremely simple.
N.B. - premeditatedly I don't write the quantities, let each one do "according to how much his stomach takes", according to how much fresh baguette he has, or according to how many hungry guests are waiting for the "miracle"

  • flat pork tenderloin (from the one that has a thin layer of fat on one of the faces)
  • butter
  • sweet cream (the one for whipped cream)
  • Marsala or Porto wine (or any sweet, heavy, slightly caramelized red wine - the original recipe is with Marsala)
  • salt pepper

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


The fillet is cut into slices as thin as possible (sometimes it is good to put it in the freezer for 30 minutes, when it is semi-frozen it is easier to cut). The butter, put from the heart (not less than 125 g.), Melts in a pan. Fry the fillet slices for one minute on each side and remove to a plate. In their place is put half a bottle of sweet red wine and a box of sour cream. When the "combination" of fried butter / sweet cream / boiled wine, put the slices of pre-fried fillet back in the pan and leave it for another 1-2 min. Salt / pepper to taste, when serving.

Gasket?! Mashed potatoes, rice.

Next ?! A light lettuce salad (something has to be easy}.

Wine?! Contrary to expectations, a dry white wine (Aligote, Riesling) or semi-dry (Feteasca Alba)

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Of course, the liquid in which the meat was boiled is a superb sauce, in which a lot of fresh bread will "melt".