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The PDT and José Andrés Hot Dog Collaboration That Never Was

The PDT and José Andrés Hot Dog Collaboration That Never Was

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We spoke to Jim Meehan about his amazing collaborations at PDT, and why José Andrés didn't get one

Jane Bruce

While Jim Meehan may have been slinging a cereal milk punch for a while (inspired by Momofuku), we always have to wonder what other sorts of collaborations are up his sleeve.

The mixologist, who was serving up cocktails at Cooking Light's Light Up the Night, spills that PDT hopes to be bringing back the Humm dog in December with Eleven Madison Park, but "we're still continuing to try to keep chefs as involved as we can in our offerings," Meehan said.

Unfortunately, those chefs will all be local, which means no Grant Achatz collabs or anything like that. We asked if anything will happen when Alinea comes into town, and the answer? "I would love to do something with Alinea, but they’re in Chicago so they’re not really part of our concept," Meehan said. Even José Andrés was turned away, who had offered to do one years ago.

"It was kind of awkward," Meehan said. "I said, 'Guys, all of the chefs that I work with are local. They're either in the East Village or downtown.'" Which is just another good reason for José Andrés to open up a New York restaurant, stat.

This post has been corrected to say that PDT hopes to bring back the Humm dog in December. The original claimed that PDT will bring back the menu item.

Watch the video: The Hot Dog. National Geographic (July 2022).


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